The Herd

Hazel: 5/8 Dexter, 3/8 Jersey. Freshened May 2015. She is 44″ tall and weighs approx. 750#.



Briar Patch – Born 7/16. 27″ tall at birth. Her sire is Braveheart (1JE00798 Genex Jersey Sire) who comes from a Danish-free pedigree and is known for yield and fitness. Briar is 7/8 Jersey X 1/8 Dexter.





Oliver: Born 5/23/15. 25″ tall at birth. 6″pastern and canon bone. Sire is Lexicon (1JE00700) Jersey from Genex Inc. His pedigree has outstanding functional udders – something I need to pay attention to since Dexters are notorious for their awful udders.  Cute as a button and rambunctious Oliver is a dark mocha color which will probably deepen to black. He is 11/16 Jersey X 5/16 Dexter.




2 thoughts on “The Herd

  1. I thought from her photo that Hazel was at least part Dexter. She looks a lot like my Ebony in build. We chose our Dexter bull largely for his milking lines, and his dam’s udder scored perfect when she was classified. Since his first two calves were bulls, I have to wait another three years (at least) to see a heifer of his freshen. 😦 You’re wise to be working on genetics!

    • How much milk do you generally get from your Dexters? Genetics are so fun! all these different things to pick and choose. But it does take a while. What is Siobhan’s calf – heifer/bull?

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