How to Build a Hybrid Stall – Part 2

After almost 3 months, I’m finally getting around to posting photos of the completed barn stall design which ended up being remodeled a second time.

The box-bed idea was a grand idea – except it was too short for the bovines to lay in comfortably AND they had a hard time stepping in and out of it. The corner-feeder bins were also really neat (also VERY hard to build so I felt bad unscrewing all my hard work) but since the bins were inside the stall, it gave them less room to lunge forward.

Only a few minor changes were required so I removed the back of the box-bed so that the stalls have open ends. We built a double brace for the middle partition and secured all angled partitions with a 3-foot rebar rod pounded into the gravel floor. For the feeders I combined two ideas: we built a “V” frame with a neck bar and in front of it I attached a section of cattle panel which is bent into a half circle.

I have the option to tie them but haven’t needed to as Briar and Boaz seem to know whose stall is whose. 🙂 Hay waste has drastically improved and the messes are all at the BACK of each stall where it’s easily forked out the back door instead of being all smashed in their bedding. With my previous lay-out I used an incredible amount of bedding simply because it soiled so fast – now I can flake it out, spread nice and thick in each stall, and by the end of the week it is still fluffy and usable. Minus Boaz’s stall – he puddles in the middle. 😛

The bovines love their new stalls and I’m lovin’ it too! So efficient and practical. 🙂

Front View:


Side View:


Rear View:


Feeder Design: Front


Boaz eating from his feeder: to discourage them from pulling hay through the sides of the “V” I stapled field fence to the frame.


Just a cute random shot: Briar “Peekaboo”



2 thoughts on “How to Build a Hybrid Stall – Part 2

  1. Love your cute lil barn! The cattle panel is a good idea…cheap, fast and easy i would think.
    Happy bovine husbandry!

    • Why thank you! Sometimes I wish my barn was a tad bit bigger (it would definitely help with storing more hay) but it’s a good snug size. Cattle panel is a life-saver! I really like using it in projects – in fact the most recent project was rebuilding another manger in my run-in shed. The original manger was built of wood, but it had rotted and all that was left was the base. So I measured and cut the proper length of cattle panel, took my power drill and box of screws to the barn and with the bovines intently watching my every move put up their new feeder/manger in no time. With the new cattle panel they can’t dump the hay on the floor either – they have to pull it through the 8″ spaces. Happy bovine husbandry it is!

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