“Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”

You can say that again! Usually I don’t mind winter but February has been a tough month. Days upon days of bitter, single digit and subzero temps have been pretty common lately, not to mention wind-chills dipping as low as -35. And it is so incredibly cold that Niagra Falls has frozen over. Driving conditions too have been rotten – and this picture is the norm, not the exception.

snow pic My little sister was right: the days you don’t need the snow-plows they plow roads that are perfectly clear. But today, when the roads looked like this, we didn’t see a single plow out doing their job. No clue why.

When it’s this cold it’s so hard to keep warm, the cold seeps right into me no matter how many layers I wear to the barn, and I’m a habitually cold person to begin with. Dressed in my over-alls (which I totally love by the way!) and several layers of shirts, topped off with my thick winter coat, my bomber hat and a scarf wound around my face to my eyeballs I resemble a muffin. 😀 But surprisingly my heifers are dealing with the extreme cold better than I anticipated. They haven’t emerged from the barn for several days (I don’t blame them!) and since it’s been dangerously cold at night I’ve been locking the back barn door. All this cold and snow is making me wish for spring and warmer weather! And I think that having to deal with winter and all it’s hardships makes me appreciate summer more. One of these days it’ll come..after all we must be over the worst hump right?


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