Winter’s Fury

Then came old February, sitting

In an old wagon, for he could not ride,

Drawn of two fishes for the season fitting,

Which through the flood before did softly slide

And swim away; yet he had by his side

His plow and harness fit to till the ground,

And tools to prune the trees, before the pride

Of hasting prime did make them bourgeon wide.

~Edmund Spenser

Well, Old February has come riding in all right, but not in an old wagon. Instead he came on wings of fury, cloaked in swirling snow; and the winds which followed him chilled to the bone. And even though we’re not even two weeks into the month we’ve already had two major snowstorms! Always seems to happen round Valentine’s Day too.

So plow and harness have to wait awhile longer while we dig ourselves out of these mountains of snow. These pics are especially for my southern friends and the Grandparents, so ya’ll can see what you’re missin’. 🙂

the woods are lovely, dark and deep – robert frost

the view from the back of the house


and the front view – you can just see the tops of the stumps and mailboxes


Hazel and Briar. Three feet of snow, 10 degree weather (with a wind chill factor of -15) and they’re just chillin’. 🙂


Enjoy the warm weather folks cuz the forecast says more snow and frigid temps are on the way! I’m totally wishing spring were here but hey, with all this work I’m doing shoveling guess I’ll get some great abs and biceps so that’s one way to look at it. 😀


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