Christmas Cheer

Of all the holidays and seasons Christmas is my favorite. I love decorating, setting up our Christmas tree, putting up lights, making special goodies (especially peanut butter balls and they never sit around very long!) and giving gifts. It makes me happy.

My fake fireplace is so cheerful and adorable!


A simple felt ornament I made:


I found this really neat idea of making ornament out of music. Perfect!                                                                                                P1050807

Clyde in his favorite spot


Our Christmas lights P1050781

But ya know, there’s so much more to Christmas than having fun decorating trees, putting up colored lights, making special goodies you only get once a year and exchanging presents. Everyone knows the nativity story, but it’s the ending that can save. Because Christmas is all about the Cross. It’s about how Jesus came to be born once so that we could be born again, so that we can have eternal life someday. So this Christmas take a moment to think about the awesome depth of God’s love for you, because He sent His only begotten Son to earth, born as that baby in Bethlehem, to one day die on the cross and save us from our sin if we just believe in Him, repent, and accept Him. And THAT is the BEST Christmas present ever!


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