In the Single Lane

So I recently came across this article and it’s so good I had to share it. Written by a single woman to the rest of those who are still driving in the single lane of life, either by choice because they are content with their life or because they are still waiting for the perfect spouse, I found her points very thought-provoking. Whether one is married or dating isn’t the point – although it seems to be these days. “So, are you married? Are you seeing anyone? Do you have anyone special?” And the answer is always the same. Nope. I’m still single. Instead, her point, (as well as the focus of a sermon series I also recently enjoyed) is that we can live abundant, full-filling lives in our pursuit of Christ. The desire to be married is still there for me, but the waiting around for it to happen has been replaced by contentment with my life right now, the knowledge that my Lord is enough and that my singleness is a gift.

“Life in the Single Lane” 4-part sermon series by Skip Heitzig:


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