Let’s Rodeo!

I went to my first ever rodeo this weekend and let me tell you guys – it was incredibly awesome!  And one of the best parts was seeing the bull riding championship go to a local guy who my sister and I know from the pony pull competitions. How cool is that!

Ya really gotta hand it to those cowboys who dared to tackle these bulls out of the famous Kenny Finch string! Talk about sheer grit and stamina against all that thrashing muscle.


Wished I had gotten a better shot for this one but this is the rookie cowboy who won the championship bull riding – stayed on the full 8 seconds and a few to spare. The whole stadium erupted in cheers, thundering applause and boot-stamping – and yep, I’m including myself too! Gosh it was so incredible! 🙂


Classic cowboy pose. Ride that wild bronc cowboy!


Next up is Team Roping and I have to say this is what I’d choose if I ever wanted to enter a rodeo. Not only is it part of our American heritage (before they invented four-wheelers and chutes to hold cattle, the cowboys on the range had to rope the critters to doctor and brand ’em) but it looks fun. More so than barrel racing.


but sometimes the little Longhorns escaped.. like this one did. 🙂 The chute opened and he took off for the open gate at the far end of the arena. Freedom! It was a race to see who would win: the cowboys with their swirling ropes or the steer high-tailin’ it for the safety of the pens. It was cute.



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