My Addiction with Calves

I was toasting my bagel yesterday morning when my phone rang. And my kid sister, all out of breath, managed to splutter: “Congratulations! You’ve got a baby girl!”

Wow! Wait! Seriously?! I was so excited I pelted out the door, dragging Moose (my dachshund) with me and totally forgot about my bagel and tea, which later was semi burnt and over-steeped.

Five days ahead of schedule Fancy gave us a surprise calf! And I still can’t get over the fact that she had another heifer! This new little girl is such  pretty fawn color but since she’s got some Dexter in her it probably will turn a shade darker as she gets older – probably a mulberry color which would be just awesome!

Mom is 3/4 Jersey X 1/4 Dexter and we bred Fancy to Braveheart, (1JE00798) a Jersey sire from Genex.

Isn’t she so perfect?


She is 27″ tall. Her cannon bone measures 5″ and her pastern is 51/2″.

Hazel checking out her half-sister. 🙂



A romp in the pasture:


P1050611They say life is about simple pleasures and I seriously can’t think of anything simpler than a cute calf and milking that brings me such contentment.


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