What to Do When You Don’t Have Everything

It’s simple. You make do.

I really needed to lime my field. It’s been 3 years since last it was limed and technically one is supposed to lime it every spring/fall for best results. And my ph is not good.

But lime is expensive and the minimum order is 4 tons – and I only need 2 tons to cover my 2 acre field.

So. We’re going to do it little by little.

What’s that phrase the Owl sang on Walt Disney’s “So Dear to My Heart”?

“It’s whatcha do with whatcha got

And never mind just how much you got,

It’s whatcha do with whatcha got

That pays off in the end.”


With a little creativity we’ll be just fine.

We bought Pelletized LawnLime, 5 bags per paddock:



Micah hooked up our little spreader to the back of the go-cart, dumped a 40# bag into it:



And off he went:


And of the four out of five paddocks we have limed I already see a major difference. The grass is more lush and green, it grew back quicker and apparently has improved and increased the amount of clover in my field! So pleased!


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