Sun-Bonnet Sues

After a whole year sporadically sewing, I’ve finally finished another embroidery project! I still have to cut them out and block them together but that can wait till I’m holed up indoors when frigid winter winds howl and drift the fields with snow.        

Blueberry Poptarts

Summer isn’t complete without blueberries. And since I had some homemade blueberry pie filling in my freezer from last year, which I needed to use up before I pick and freeze more blueberries, I decided to make poptarts tonight. When I removed them from the oven I was ecstatic to find that they hadn’t exploded […]

Weyer’s Cave

The last time I remember going to a cave was when I was really young and I remember being absolutely terrified when the tour guide turned out all the lights and we were plunged into utter darkness while sitting in boats on the underground river. In fact, that’s the ONLY thing I remember. So it’s […]