Thrifty Treasures

One of my favorite places to shop are thrift stores: you can find next-to-new items for amazing bargains. It’s like hunting for treasure too – some days you come out the proud owner of great finds other days you don’t find anything.

But this past weekend when I stopped at a local consignment shop I found, lying inconspicuously on a bottom shelf, a Christmas box. Lying neatly folded inside, was this absolutely beautiful embroidered tablecloth with four matching napkins. I was so excited! It really couldn’t get any better could it? Especially when napkins and tablecloth match perfectly with napkins I received as a birthday present years ago.

But my excitement plummeted when I saw the price tag: $25.00! As beautiful and pristine as the set was, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend twenty-five bucks on a tablecloth with matching napkins. Seemed a bit stupid.

The store-owner must’ve seen my crestfallen countenance because on her way past me with a load of empty hangers she said: “Today is our half-price day but any tag that’s marked black is 75% off.”

I flashed a smile as she went by and hurriedly glanced at the tag again. I had been too shocked before to notice if the tag was black or not.

And it was!

It was a proud woman who walked out of that shop with a bargain in her bag.






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