Thrifty Treasures

One of my favorite places to shop are thrift stores: you can find next-to-new items for amazing bargains. It’s like hunting for treasure too – some days you come out the proud owner of great finds other days you don’t find anything. But this past weekend when I stopped at a local consignment shop I […]

Of Cows and Calves

I just got back from spending a delightful vacation in Virginia with some new friends! Having heard and read so much about Misty Morning Farm it was a dream come true to actually visit in person. Located in Fulks Run, VA, the Schlabachs farm is nestled between beautiful rolling pastures and mountains. Adam and Faith’s […]

In the Fields

I love scything. And today was an absolute perfect day for it. Sunshine, bright as buttercups, shone between patches of cool shade while dew-laden grasses and clover shimmered and shivered beneath the breath of a warm summer breeze. Yes. This side of heaven ’twas perfection itself. Motion. Movement. Fluid grace. Silently swinging, sweeping, sighing. Rows […]

Monsters of the Deep?

I found this short video clip very intriguing and it ties in with a Megaladon TV show I recently watched. At first I was somewhat skeptical but after watching this, it could very well be true. The Bible speaks of Leviathan and creatures of the deep and many of the worlds oceans have not been […]

Homemade Sourdough

Recently, (well more than recently actually) I started baking my own bread. I got tired of buying grocery store loaves with their long list of ingredients and preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. So. I began perfecting the art of homemade goodness and believe me, there’s┬ánothing┬álike a freshly baked slice of warm bread, dripping with […]


“There lives a glory in these sweet June days Such as I found not in the days gone by, A kindlier meaning in the unclouded sky, A tenderer whisper in the woodland ways; And I have understanding of the lays The birds are singing, forasmuch as I Have learned how love avails to satisfy A […]