That New Red Coat

Over the past couple of weeks, my sweet-as-pie, year old heifer started behaving absolutely queer. It started out as little things – like being more stubborn than usual. But then it got worse. She acted like she was deathly afraid of me! *face registers shock* Every time I’d go outside to see her, she’d run away. I’d lead her into the barn, she’d drag herself backwards, fighting every step of the way. And it finally reached a climax when, one evening as I went to fill their feeders with hay, she backed herself in the far corner of her pen – and wouldn’t come. I’m like: What’s going here?!?! And then the thought hit me: I bought a new coat. My old brown barn coat had had it – so I went and bought myself a new one – and was very proud of it too as it only cost me $4 at a consignment shop and it was brand new too! But – it’s red. And now that I think about it, my heifer’s trauma all began when I bought that new red coat. And just to experiment, the other day I traded it for my brown fleece jacket – just to see if it really was the coat that was terrifying her – and sure enough, she came right up to me, lovin’ me and kissin’ me almost as if to say: “Hi, you’re back!” I didn’t think that it mattered what color a coat was. But I guess it does. So lesson learned: change the color and smell, and they won’t cooperate with a “stranger”! And it’s the darndest thing! 😀


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