Sweet Sorrow

MabelLast Thursday I sold my beautiful baby heifer. It hurt so bad. That’s the bad part about raising livestock – you get attached to them. Very attached – so much so they’re like part of the family. But being a one-cow-family I can’t keep every calf my lovely Jersey gives me s0 it’s either raise it for beef or make a profit off it.

My little Mabel went to a good home – and that was one of my top priorities. The day I reluctantly put her up for sale I recieved at least 4 phone calls and the very next day she sold. A local couple bought her – they live only twenty minutes away and run a small Jersey and Holstein dairy (just 20 cows) and this year they only got five heifers. I helped load Mabel into the wooden crate in the back of the four wheel drive truck. Geepers! For just about 2 months old she weighed a ton! They sure do grow rugged when drinking mama’s milk. The man and his wife said Mabel sure wasn’t lacking for extra good care and she’d still get the best of it with them. P1010684b

So even though I cried my heart out all evening after they had left, Mabel in the crate which was securely strapped down, I know everything is just fine. It only hurts the first day. And Friday morning I got a phone call from the folks – they just wanted to let me know that Mabel was settled in, doing great and they could already tell she’d be a great milk cow someday as she was so sweet and gentle. Sweet sorrow. But it makes me happy that she went to a good home.



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