The Gypsy Cow

Well. If it’s not one thing right after another. First Staph A mastitis, then Ketosis and now a swollen lump on the ear due to an antibiotic reaction.

But thankfully this last one is easily treated and won’t (hopefully) last long. The other two are more complicated and not so easily cured. I’m trying though.

Since I didn’t want to pay for another vet visit and an injection of Banamine (pain killer), and since the problem wasn’t life threatening (as in the case of Ketosis) I decided to treat the swollen lump myself. Thankfully it wasn’t soft. If the injection site had been soft it means that an infection/abcess is present and the area would have to be lanced to remove the foulness. But while Daisy’s lump was warm/hot to touch at least it was hard. No worries there. However she did have a small fever. To help drain the swelling I massaged her ear with plantain oil several times Wednesday. We also made Daisy a poultice: crushed garlic cloves, comfrey and turmeric powder all boiled and steeped together. When it had cooled a little we globbed the stuff on her lump, put a paper towel over it and wrapped her ear with vet wrap. And ta-da! She looks like a gypsy cow! If only I had a gold earring for her ear! 😀

Really, she was a very good girl – considering the pain she was in. Maybe she knew we were trying to help because she hardly fussed. Animals do have that sixth sense ya know…And I think the poultice worked. The lump is practically gone and her temp is normal. Herbs are amazing!


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