Target Practice

Gun club was packed tonight – waited an hour to shoot. But that’s because tonight was the start of the season. For being a girl, this is one sport I not only immensely enjoy but excell at. And hey, there are quite a few lady shooters out there who are hot shots. I may be […]


Is not dead. The era of knights and fire-breathing dragons may be ancient relics of a romantic twilight, but chivalry is never past. Despite modern thought which deems it old-fashioned, it still sputters valiently here and there amidst the ravages of a cynical culture. Nevertheless, for lack of teaching it is slipping into obscurity. You rarely run across […]

The Hard Stuff

Let’s just say you’ve caught the bug. Tired of that watered down beverage the grocery store labels “Milk” you bite the bullet and bring home your first cow. You’ve got the pasture all fenced, the barn warm and waiting, and a black-faced Jersey by your elbow giving you sloppy, slobbery kisses.  So now what? Standing at the gate […]