I must confess. I love pickles. I used to hate them, and it was an irrational hate because I hadn’t even given them a fair chance by trying them. On the other hand I love cucumbers, always have. I eat them, and I hungrily gaze at them as they lounge on their vines, and cucumbers, it must be said, make me happy. But last year we had such an overabundance of cukes that instead of allowing them to go to waste, I decided to preserve them. And the only way to preserve a cucumber…is to pickle it. After that I was hooked for life.

So… it’s cucumber harvest time! Look at ’em all!

That, folks, is 15 pounds worth of cukes.

Here they are soaking in their brine:

I soaked them for about 24 hours. I used Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime, “for extra crispness and flavor.” After soaking I rinsed them in cold water, let them soak in ice water 3 hours, and then immersed them in the spiced vinegar solution where they sat for another 12 hours. The following morning I boiled them.

Next step: canning.

My first solo canning job, and ’twas music to my ears to hear all four seal with a pop!


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