Butter Mishap

My sister bought me a butter mold for my birthday. It’s lovely. One of those antique dairy molds. It has a design carved into the plunger: a fancy set of leaves on one side, and an acorn on the other. Well, ambitious me decided to try it out yesterday. So I made a batch of butter. Online instructions said to freeze the mold 30 minutes, then put in the soft butter, press the plunger down, freeze for another 40 minutes, remove the plunger and – Voila! A beautifully decorated butter emerges! {Ha! So much for those directions. Next time I make butter I am going to wrap it in wax paper or something BEFORE pressing down the plunger.} Forty minutes later my butter was frozen solid and the plunger would NOT come out. Had to leave it setting on the counter almost 2 hours before we could pry it off and by then the butter was soft so my design was ruined. Oh well, that’s what they call learning by one’s mistakes I guess…


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