A Perfect Cup of Tea

From ancient Chinese pagodas where Emperors savored jasmine green tea to surfing online tea shops, tea is a universal beverage with endless variety: black tea peppered with cinnamon, cardamom and anise; Red Rooibus grown in the mountains of Southern Africa; smoky Russian Caravan, and Assam – an amber hued brew of delicate, creamy maltiness – truly […]

The Fawn

Hidden by tall grasses and plumed ferns, a tiny, spotted fawn lies motionless. Waiting. It’s mother is somewhere nearby. A fly lands on its ear. Still it lies motionless, not daring to move. It is so precious. To reach out and touch it, feel it’s softness, run my fingers down it’s head and back – that is my […]

Embroidered Pillowcase

Finally! Another project complete after 5 months of sporadic sewing. Now and then I like a challenge, and this pillowcase was it: every stitch of embroidery was satin. But if I say so myself, it’s perfectly gorgeous.  Close-ups of each butterfly: