BeGone! Fly Spray

Flies. I hate them the horrid nasty things. They’re nothing but pests. Poor Daisy and Hamilton had swarms of these little humpbacked, blood-sucking beasties on their backs this afternoon when I carried water out to them. That was the last straw. Ran inside, grabbed some ACV, olive oil, EO’s and made my own fly spray. Should’ve done it sooner but I tend to forget things sometimes. I used a 32 oz spray bottle, filled it 2/3 full with ACV and then filled it the rest of the way with olive oil. (the oil acts as a carrier for the EO’s). 40 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil (EO), 15 Cedarwood EO, 12 Camphor EO. Normally I would’ve added Citronella too but I was all out. Still, my concoction worked. Daisy stunk something awful – thanks to the lemongrass and cedarwood – and I guess the flies thought so too as they left her alone. Hoorah!


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