Fancy Stitchin’

I always have 2 or three projects going at once. Bad habit, but at least if I get tired of working on one I can move to the next one. And they do get done. Here are some past and current projects. Took 2 years to complete but now my wedding sampler is finished. If and […]

BeGone! Fly Spray

Flies. I hate them the horrid nasty things. They’re nothing but pests. Poor Daisy and Hamilton had swarms of these little humpbacked, blood-sucking beasties on their backs this afternoon when I carried water out to them. That was the last straw. Ran inside, grabbed some ACV, olive oil, EO’s and made my own fly spray. Should’ve done it […]

Mozzarella Cheese

If there’s one cheese that I can make which turns out absolutely delicious it is mozzarella. My favorite part is when you stretch the cheese! Want to try your hand at making mozzarella? Here’s an easy recipe guaranteed to work if you just follow the directions. I’ve made mozzarella cheese using this recipe for 2 years now […]